What This Campaign is About

Working for Hoosiers

I’m running for Congress to help rebuild the middle class. For generations, the middle class is what made America what it is — the greatest country in the world. But those in Washington, D.C. have only listened to special interests and have worked to strip away the American Dream.

We must restore the middle class of this country. Instead of favoring only the wealthiest Americans and corporations, we need to start cutting taxes and relaxing regulations on small business, the middle class, and working Hoosiers. That’s a policy that has proven to work for all Americans.

Better Jobs

We need to live in a middle class out economy, not a top down one. We need to work to relax the tax burden and regulation on small businesses, so that they can thrive and invest in the community. We need to implement trade policies that keep good working jobs here in Indiana. Period.

Better Education

It’s time we support our public schools and bring the focus back to children. Education can be the solution to so many of our problems, but we must put our children in the position to succeed.

Work Across the Aisle

As polarized as our politics are right now, things will never get better until we can get past our differences and work in the interest of the people. I will always work in the interest of the people, not my party.

Improve Healthcare

We need to give middle class Hoosiers real options in choosing the best healthcare at an affordable price. We also need to continue to protect those most vulnerable in our society, and strengthen the social compact that has been a hallmark of our society for generations.

Hold Washington Accountable

I will go to Congress to hold career politicians accountable. If we are going to fix Congress, we have to start by electing new representation.

Take Money out of Politics

Almost all of the corruption in Washington, D.C. stems from the outlandish money that dominates our political system. We need to get rid of Citizens United that has allowed billionaires and special interests to control our politicians into favoring only the very few at the top.

From The Blog

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