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Get the middle class working again

We need to live in a middle class out economy, not a top down one. We need to work to relax the tax burden and regulation on small businesses, so that they can thrive and invest in the community. Small businesses are the real source of job creation in this country, not greedy corporations who are only concerned with turning a profit and outsourcing labor. We need to implement trade policies that keep good working jobs here in Indiana. Tax cuts for the wealthy have proven that “trickle-down” economics only favor the few at the top. It’s time we cut taxes for the middle and working class, so that they can begin to build a future that was once the beacon of our society.

Make Healthcare Affordable and Accessible

The ACA was highly successful in covering millions of Americans that didn’t have health insurance before. But now we need to look at attacking the high costs of health care, bringing down premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket expenses that are threatening middle class families with economic insecurity. We need to give middle class Hoosiers real options in choosing the best healthcare at an affordable price. We also need to continue to protect those most vulnerable in our society, and strengthen the social compact that has been a hallmark of our society for generations.

Take Money Out of Politics

Almost all of the corruption in Washington, D.C. stems from the outlandish money that dominates our political system. We need to get rid of Citizens United that has allowed billionaires and special interests to control our politicians into favoring only the very few at the top. We also need to stop the corrupt practice of redistricting based on purely political purposes. It’s time the politicians quit picking the voters, instead of the other way around.